Your legal services. Differently Specialized in new technologies Handle personal data properly Develop eHealth projects Fight cyber crime and succeed in the digital age

Our areas of expertise

Privacy and data protection

Ensure compliance with privacy framework in Switzerland and globally.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Legal advice and strategic support for healthcare professionals, private and public institutions and industries.

New technologies & TMT

We structure your IT projects and counsel you to assess and reduce your risks from a legal and regulatory perspective.

Cybercrime and Internet Fraud

Cybersecurity advice and training, defense and representation against frauds and cyberattacks.


We are your outsourced, specialized and tailored legal department working with transparency, flexibility, proactivity and accessibility.

We seek to understand your corporate culture and know your values to better advise you and anticipate your needs.


We are committed to providing high quality legal services to Swiss and foreign companies to respond to market developments.

By adapting to your specific needs, we can better advise you by optimizing your costs and increase your efficiency.


Together, we assess your needs, your corporate culture and collaborate so that you can concentrate on your core business.

We aim to support your organization with subject matter expertise, appropriate legal documentation, guidance and modern online legaltech tools.

Reduce your business risks

Ensure business continuity

Maintain compliance


We disrupt the legal profession and provide legal services differently.

We support start-ups, SMEs and small multinationals to make the best out of technologies, while securing your business in full compliance with laws and regulations. We operate via a platform to ease your access to the legal profession.

How we stand out

  • Certified for the GDPR | CIPP/E
  • Specialized lawyers in TMT, health and cybercrime
  • Swiss certification in criminal law
  • Global alliance of privacy professionals | PrivacyRules

Affordable and accessible, proactive and supporting you on local and international matters.

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You know our costs in advance and access our services based on your budget

Live chat

Text us via our instant messaging tool to guide you and answer your questions.

Online tools

Connect to our platform and access our templates, check-lists and online legal tools (to come!).